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    Tiny Tim
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    Default Formatting Error

    Hi everyone

    I just got my nook fully charged and was going through my nook however none of my books will format and I was wondering if anyone had ideas about what I should do. Thanks so much for any help anyone can give me.

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    Default Re: Formatting Error

    If you have the firmware update try powering down the unit completely and turn it back on. Then select the check for new books option in My Library.



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    Default Re: Formatting Error

    Hi nmarie! I moved this post over to Tech support to see if someone can help you. Are you unable to read any books? Or are they not showing up on the device. A little more detail would help us help you!! Of course remember we are not official support, so if we can't help you, please try B&N tech support as well!!

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    Tiny Tim
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    Default Re: Formatting Error

    It has been a little bit of an adventure with my nook. I cannot get my nook to format any of my B&N content that I bought before I got before my nook came. However after playing around last night I was able to side load my content to my nook and its works now, though it is through my document page and not my B&N list. Last night I bought two books and had no problem downloading them and then getting them to format and read book, however this morning I bought two new books and now they won't download at all. It comes up with the saying queued: will complete shortly. I really really like my nook but this is a little stressful when all I want to do is read.

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    Default Re: Formatting Error


    I'm getting the same Queue issue too. None of the books I downloaded today (Dec 25) will download. Last night, when I opened my Nook, they did fine. Also, one of my previously purchased eBooks does not open and I had to use the myDocuments work around. However, the others did. My guess is that the server is overwhelmed today with half a million people shopping for books on their new nooks! I'm hoping that is the issue. It is stressing me out a bit too, though.


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