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    I purchased a Nook to read up on my MCSE (legally owned PDF) and Cisco books (also legally owned). The Figures and Diagrams are missing from the Nook PDF but the same file on my Mac (or Windows PC) has them displayed.

    1. Does anyone else have this problem?

    2. Has anyone come up with a solution?
    I've tried converting my books to ePub via online service and Stanza application. The images are missing.

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    Hmm that is an interesting problem. I wonder if the pictures are too big to display on the nook? I would assume even if they did show they would be to small to be readable, since there is no zoom Maybe someone else that has had a similar problem will come along and help! Are you able to try opening the file in another B&N reader (on the iphone or computer)? I wonder if they show up in that. I would contact B&N as well, they *may* be able to help you.

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