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    Default Nook charger

    I notice that both the nook and the iPod use a type of charger that allows you to use the USB cable to connect to the wall charger, i.e. you simply plug the USB male end into the wall charger.

    Does anyone, therefore, know whether the nook charger can be used to recharge the iPod? I'd like to take both on a trip, and the iPod charger is bigger and clunkier, and using one for both would be more convenient.

    However, I don't want to simply plug my iPod into the charger to test it, in case the voltage or amps or whatever the electrical current is measured by is different. :hmmm:

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    Default Re: Nook charger

    Most of those USB chargers are universal and put out a standard 5V, just like the USB port on your computer. You can plug you iPod and you nook cable into the same USB port on your computer and both work fine, same goes for the wall outlet type chargers.
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    Default Re: Nook charger

    Two caveats:

    (1) I don't know what the current requirement of the iPod is, but the nook AC charger output is 5VDC at a maximum of 850mA. If the iPod needs a higher current, the nook charger may not put out enough.

    (2) Some "high current" USB powered devices have two charge rates - Low current which is used when the device is plugged into a computer or other "normal" USB connections (sVDC, 500mA maximum) and high current when plugged into a high current source (over 500mA).

    The usual way most devices determine if they can draw high current is two of the leads, normally used for data when connected to a computer, are shorted at the high power USB source and high resistance or open on any low current source.

    I have used several of my high current USB chargers with the nook, and all have worked just fine - Palm and Belkin (1000mA), iGo and nook (850mA). Not having an iPod, though, I am not sure of it's requirements. (I'm also unsure if the nook looks at the data leads for a short to determine how much current it is save to use, but I suspect it does, because that is the industry standard...)

    What does this all mean?

    All USB chargers should be a regulated 5 volt source. Normal USB connections on computers and USB hubs are also 5 volts. Any device that connects to USB should expect to see 5 volts.

    A "standard" USB outlet is capable of providing 500mA maximum. A "low power" USB outlet is capable of less than 500mA. A "high power" outlet is capable of more than 500mA, some going as high as 2000mA.

    Devices are supposed to look at the "data" leads to determine the current capacity of the USB power source: Open circuit or high resistance means standard power (or less) while a short (low resistance) means high current available.

    So long as the source is capable of providing the amount of current expected by the device, everything is happy. If the device wants more current than the power source can provide, neither will be happy - but there should not be any damage.


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    Mr. Darcy
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    Default Re: Nook charger

    Thanks, all.

    Since it appears that the nook charger won't hurt the iPod, I'll give it a shot tonight and see how it charges.


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    Default doesn't work

    I've tried several times to use wallcharger from Nook with my early model 20GB IPod. Rather than charge, it seems to drain the battery. Tried reversing polarity (turned plug around in wall) which didn't work and was dumb since it's AC current. Perhaps the newer Ipods are different; who knows. --My 2 cents.

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