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    Can someone walk me through using the sony bookstore to purchase a book and use it on my nook? I have used BN only up till now but Penguin books are not currently available on BN and at Sony the ones I want are actually still a good price (about a buck off dtb--I've sworn off buying ebooks that are more than dtb's so Sony looks like a good place to go!) I am NOT very good with technology in general so basic instruction would be welcome.

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    You'll need at least two additional pieces of software. You'll need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions to register your Nook so it can work with the DRM the Sony store is using and you'll need to download and install the Sony Reader software since this is the only way to purchase ebooks from the Sony ebook store. After you have your Nook registered, and your ebook purchased you can then side-load the ebook to your Nook via USB. Place the ebook in the "my documents" folder.

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    Hi. I'm very new to this site, and have posted a similar question. I have my Nook registered, I have Adobe Digital Editions and the Sony Reader software. But my book is 'stuck' in the Reader Library, and I can't seem to get it to my Nook. I would love to be able to use the Sony store, as some of the books I would like to have are at a much better price there. Help, please!! Thanks!

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