I'm Old trying to see if anyone is still around from a few years ago

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    Default I'm Old trying to see if anyone is still around from a few years ago

    So, i used to frequent this forum a whole lot when i first got my nook.
    I'm Ragdoll. I had many good friends here and was trying to catch back up
    Since i've been here i've had two children and many crazy things happen
    haha. But if anyone is still around from the good 'ole days, feel free to
    message me!

    [quote author=Klaatu link=topic=6826.msg72577#msg72577 date=1296793819]
    'Stay thirsty, my friends.' [/quote]

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    Hey Ragdoll, I remember you. This board has become a place for spam. It's really too bad, because in the early days of the nook 1st gen, this was a great board and a lot of wonderful people.

    'The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.' - Ayn Rand

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    Ditto here - in fact my 1st post here in years. Not much left here.

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    I left when they let it get filled up with a bunch of spam. I tried to alert the mods and later found out I was banned "for life"! All I could figure out from that was somebody thought I was the spammer. I have no idea how that happened. Only reason I came back today is because I got an email from Nookboards wishing me happy birthday. Came back here to find still a bunch of spam, and a few Nook threads. Sure would be nice if they would clean the place up a bit.
    Love to motorhome and Corvette.

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