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    Default Disappeared Ebook Paid Sales

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out why my paid ebook sales have disappeared. There are a number of possibilities, but before Posting on them I would like to see the ideas of others.

    I have 24 KDP, 22 BandN and 12 Kobo published titles. Sales have been in a decline since March 2012, despite several carefully crafted new titles, and intensive promotion. My former best sellers (NO sales now) are displayed below.

    Any and all comments are welcome.

    JTR-SH cover.jpg holmes-and-watson4 (2).jpg syringe.jpg Sherlock_Holmes_and_the_Flying_Machine.jpg StarshipEarthFinal3.jpg

    Phillip Duke Ph.D.
    [email protected]
    website Philduke.weebly.com>.
    (Buy one ebook, get one of your choice free).

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    With 36 views and not one reply, perhaps people who read this Post simply have no clue. Or perhaps they are afraid to Post anything? For now I will simply say this: a person who gets an ebook free, will not buy it. With for example one author boasting about 50,000 free downloads, what can you expect?
    Alcohol the Devil's drink cover.jpg shower.jpg foodgardening3(3).jpg Attachment 0Wrught Brothers.jpg talesofthecage3(2).jpg Sherlock_Holmes_and_the_Flying_Machine.jpg

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