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    Default Deal on Kandle LED Light

    The deal's still on...if you put 4 white Kandles in your cart at Amazon...
    use the code KANDLELT and you will get 4 Kandles for $19.95.
    As of tonight (Nov 6) it's half off with the code (half off of $18.95).

    I just tried it and it worked - no telling how long it'll last. But be sure you use this link - I think it's available through other sellers on Amazon but the deal won't work on the others. Great stocking stuffers at that price! I've been using the Kandle I got when they initially made this offer and I really like it, especially for reading in bed.
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    Default Re: Deal on Kandle LED Light

    The code took 50% off one (12.50) for me yesterday, so if you don't NEED 4, try it anyway!

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    Default Re: Deal on Kandle LED Light

    It's taking half off for me too, but half is better than nothing. Thanks!

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