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    Tom Sawyer
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    Nov 2009

    Default Nook light?

    I'm on the hunt for a really good light for my nook classic. I bought the nook light, and I didn't really like it that much. It doesn't light up the entire reading screen, so you have to adjust it frequently. There is also a glare, which I'm guessing is cause by the focused beam of light.
    I was in my B&N store today looking at the options, and didn't find anything that I thought would work. There is the nook cover with the built in light. I tried that out at the nook counter, but didn't like it. It had the same small, concentrated light that didn't reach the full screen. Does anyone have a light suggestion that will cover the eink screen and not have a glare?

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    Mr. Darcy
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    Nov 2010

    Default Re: Nook light?

    You might prefer one of those "Miner" lights that you wear on your head. That's what my wife uses.

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    Tom Sawyer
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    Jan 2010

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    I love the Kandle light from Amazon. It clips onto my case, and there is a nice diffuse light over the whole page. No bright spot at all.

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