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    Tiny Tim
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    Has anyone used Unique Skin to design their own skin? I was wondering how they came out for the nook. I had a great skin on my nook (awesome alice in wonderland skin) but my nook has died. I had a ST warranty so I'll be getting a new one as soon as they cut the check but I was looking online for a new skin and came across the unique skin website.

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    Hi, I did not use them for the Nook, as I just ordered a refurbished model and it has not yet arrived. However, I did design a skin from them for my laptop, and it turned out great. I used an old Beatles album cover--very colorful--and now I never have a probelm with telling my laptop from any other family menber. When I get my Nook e-ink reader, I will probably order from them or from Decalgirl, who has many interesting designs as well.

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    Tiny Tim
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    Feb 2011

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    I have not used them for my nook/nookcolor but i did use them with my cell phone and was very pleased with what i got, and they were fast too. I would happily do business with them again.

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    Tom Sawyer
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    Mar 2011

    Default Re: Unique Skin

    I've only ordered skins from DecalGirl. I've also shopped at SkinIt and GelASkin. I think this Unique Skin sounds cool though, it'd be fun to create your own.
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