Case/light for Nook, 2nd Edition

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    Default Case/light for Nook, 2nd Edition

    Anyone have any recommendations for cases for the 2nd Edition Nook?

    I stopped by the local B&N today.. the selection was poor and I didn't really like what they did have...
    Saw a few on the interwebs, but if I can't touch/feel it, I am hesitant to buy it... at least without recommendations....

    Also need a light... most of my reading seems to be in bed after the wife is asleep... read a reveiw of the Lyra that said it was way to bright for this type of reading situation...


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    Default Re: Case/light for Nook, 2nd Edition

    Yeah... I know, I should have searched the forum.... Just found lots of cases, but still looking for people who can provide anecdotal evidence of the "You have to try this case" type.


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    Default Re: Case/light for Nook, 2nd Edition

    Good Morning!

    Here at M-Edge Accessories we are hard at work making products for the new Nook STR (2nd Edition, whatever B&N is calling it). Although we do not yet have info on when these products will be available I can say that we are pretty far along in the process of making them. You can sign up to be notified through our website...

    Our covers will be compatible with our e-Luminator booklights,, although I do want to point out that since the Touch light was designed before the new Nook was announced, the light is longer than the device and most of our covers will be designed with the light fitting on the right side of the device rather than storing in the spine of the jacket.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about any of our products. Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!

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