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    Default Great Point Light book light

    I found this at my local B&N tonight!! I went there planning on getting the regular Mighty Bright light, BUT I was hesitating because I was wondering how I was going to keep it safe when it wasn't actually in use. The nook is living in my purse, going everywhere with me, and that light just wouldn't travel as safely..... without getting a case for IT, too.

    Then I saw the Great Point Light flex neck light. It's a 2 LED light and clips onto the top, like the Mighty Bright... BUT it's head fits into the clip itself for secure travel!!!! Perfect!

    How cool is THAT?? It was $12.95, but with my 30% discount, I only paid $9.06 for it!

    Moderator edit: Here is the link to the light on the B&N site: Great Point Light

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    Default Re: Great Point Light book light

    Pretty cool! I ordered the Kandle from Amazon, it should be here sometime this week. Post some pics of your Great Point Light with your nook so we can see how well it works!
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    Default Re: Great Point Light book light

    the travel aspect was my concern with the Lyra too. that looks like a nice option though i am still mulling over the Kandle.

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