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    Rachel, I'm delighted that you're taking the responsibility to do this. I can't imagine how hard it must be to protect a civil atmosphere, but having read the B&N posts, I'm so happy I found these boards. If I'd only seen the other board, I probably would have cancelled my nook order; this board is more like a beacon of hope! (Yeah, I can be melodramtic at times!)

    Thanks for all your work with this.

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    I just want to add in my experience on another board known for it's good environment.

    You can have two posters that are generally good posters but if one poster deems that the other poster was personally targeting him/her then things can get very nasty very quickly, especially if it's moved to PM's. It's of the utmost importance to take care when quoting someone you disagree with and keep in mind that it's quite possible to run into a poster that you get along with as well as oil and water.

    I was the one that did the quoting and the other poster refused to believe that I didn't intend to do what he thought I was trying to do. I never thought that I could get angry from posting on a message board but I swear that my blood was boiling in my veins by the time we were through as I was so angry, I quite literally hated him after our exchange (I even ranted how I hated him in a thread on the board before finally requesting the thread be locked. )

    We could have caused quite a mess on that board without ever meaning to just because of how poorly we got along, but it seems that we each decided to ignore the other after that.

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    Welcome to the boards inkonvelvet!! We are always happy to see a new face, and I am glad you enjoy our atmosphere as much as we do!! Our members are rgeat, and i can't thank them enough for making this a great place to hang out.

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    Default Re: Please Keep in Mind ....

    Quote Originally Posted by inkonvelvet
    I am brand new here, but may I just say "thank you"? Because it's the uncivil and aggressive atmosphere on other boards that has made me leery of boards in general. There's something to be said for a civilized environment and I am delighted that you are doing what you can to create that here.
    i just want to second this post! i love it here already and am impressed by the helpfulness and upbeat atmosphere. i think many people need a place where negativity is kept at bay because that kind of thing can grow very easily and ruin a perfectly good thing. honesty, respect, quirky personalities/sense of humor and courtesy can all go hand in hand when posting but sometimes internet communications can get out of hand quickly. thanks for creating this board and thanks for caring enough to keep it positive.

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    Default Re: Please Keep in Mind ....

    Like akfloyd, I am for a positive board. In my opinion, this board is friendly and a great place to be. Thanks
    to all of you working so hard on this board.

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