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    Default Nook Lending - Please Read First

    Welcome to our nook lending library! I have set up this area to help assist nook users share their books through the lending feature of the nook device. Please take the time to read this post before posting or responding to a LendMe request.

    ONLY books being lent through the Barnes & Noble LendMe feature will be allowed to be posted here. Sharing of any books any other way is illegal and will not be tolerated.

    To see if a book allows for lending, go to the book's page on the Barnes & Noble site. You need to be in the full page, not just a list of books. If your book allows for LendMe, you will see this picture:

    If your book does not allow for lending, there will be no picture on the description page at all. Also, you can tell by looking to see if there is a lend option available when you are in the book on the device.

    Please note the following about the LendMe feature:

    1. Only books bought at Barnes & Noble allow for lending.

    2. Not all books Barnes & Nobles offers allow LendMe, the page on their site will clearly state if it does.

    3. Books can only be lent once, forever. So once you lend it, you can never lend it again.

    4. The lending period is for 14 days and you will not have access to the book once it is lent. It will return to you after the 14 day period.

    Guidelines for posting here:

    1. If you have a book you are willing to lend, please put To Lend: and the title of the book in the subject line.

    2. If you have a book you would like to borrow, please put To Borrow: and the title of the book in the subject line.

    3. Please do not put your email in your post, your PMs here will be emailed to you, but we get a lot of spammers here so you don't want to have your email out there like that trust me! We will delete your email address if you put it in the post.

    4. No lists please, each offer should be listed individually.

    5. When you see an offer you would like to respond to, please send a PM with your email address and contact info.

    6. Once an offer is taken and the transaction is complete, please delete your original post so anyone visiting this board can view just open offers.

    7. All offers will be deleted after 30 days. If you never got a response to your offer, please feel free to re-post after the 30 day period. Please do not intentionally bump your thread just to have it at the top of the list.

    Nookboards is not responsible for any transactions that occur in this area. Please note that all LendMe sharing is done at each members own risk. Moderators will not get involved in any disagreements or disputes. Please play nice and have fun!

    Visit the Barnes & Noble Store

    Now Reading: As Young as We Feel by Melanie Carlson

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    Default Re: Nook Lending - Please Read First

    Sounds like good rules to me Rachel. Let the fun begin!



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    Default Re: Nook Lending - Please Read First

    They are good rules. It will be interesting to see what everyone may want to borrow or Lend.

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    That is kind of silly on BN's part to only allow a book to be lent once. I understand only lending it to one person at a time, but once all together!?!?

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    Default To Lend--A Felony of Birds

    Please add my book A Felony Of Birds by Harris Tobias to the lending library.



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