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    Default Android's New JIT Compiler

    Now, I'm not software engineer, but I'm an Android guy and as I'm sure many of the more programming-based minds on this forum are aware that Android 2.2, AKA Froyo, just released recently.

    As I'm sure they are also aware, Google added a JIT compiler to Android in 2.2, which increases its speed and performance 2-5x what it was in 2.1. So my question is: Assuming the Nook is capable of being upgraded to Android 2.2, do you believe the enhanced performance will make a noticeable difference in the Nook's speed and performance? And if so, how likely is it that the Nook may be updated to Android 2.2 in the future? Cause I'm all about making my Nook faster. =)

    EDIT: Eh, perhaps this would've been better suited in the Nook Modding board. I apologize.

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    No worries. I moved it for you.

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    Well, I kinda doubt they [BN] would issue an update as many much more eligible devices out there are struggling to receive Froyo. Add up the fact that most tablet-like devices are stuck with v1.5 (anyways, < 2.0) due to Google's policy afaik - and here you're. I've noticed in the past that they must have removed something from stock Android (okay, might be a better archived package / less own code or resources) as nook's "firmware" diminished in size from v1.0 to 1.4 so maybe they're throwing away unused non-core code of Android. I'd say if nook's hardware (mostly cpu/mem) are capable of handling newer versions and BN would get Google's approval (hey, they aren't KIRF manufacturers who basically don't care about what - stolen - OS to use) there's a chance. Otherwise - not that much.

    Updated: And let's not forget the other thing - if people are happy with the current speed of the software, why bother? Corporations aren't geeks anyways.

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