We all know pandora can work if you can locate the pandora.apk and have vnc installed for the initial user/pass prompt. The pandora apk link is dead....as is the link for anti-virus and my emails to the author's seem to go unanswered....I believe I can pull the pandora apk off my HD2 which I have also running android if thats all it takes.

Recently I heard someone mention they got AndChat (irc chat client) working on the nook...they did mention they had to add about 10 servers to the list so they could get to the one they really wanted to use.

I'd love to hear of other apps folks have tried and gotten working on the nook....if no one has any additions I can probably arrange to upload some apk's of some common android apps and we can do some experimenting. Right now I really want a simple app to list all the currently running apps and let me switch between them....I'll have to play with that task manager on nook devs.....

Things you should watch out for...apps that state they require a certain version of Android higher than V1.5.....some I'd love to see on the nook are the mint app for financial management....maybe the gscripts app so we could run our own small scripts.

Comments Welcome.