So, I just rooted

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    Default So, I just rooted

    I just rooted using the nookdev softroot method. nookLibrary was at version 0.1.13. I downloaded 0.1.15, put it on the sd card and tried to install it using file manager. And... it wouldn't let me install it...

    Any ideas from anyone?

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    Default Re: So, I just rooted

    softroot put the library and other apps under system folder and so they won't upgrade properly.
    You have to uninstall library using adb, delete data folders /data/data/com.nookdevs.library and /system/app/com.nookdevs.library.apk and then install using the market app.
    Once you do that, new versions can be upgraded from market app. It won't upgrade via adb or other apps.
    There's not a lot in the latest version. It adds a cover screensaver option and some changes to support more books.
    So, if you are happy with 1.3 version, there is no need to upgrade.

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