Problems with bravo_update.dat

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    Default Problems with bravo_update.dat

    Finally! Got through the ADB process using on my husband's laptop. Now I'm at the step where I have to force my Nook to find the bravo_update.dat, only it's not finding the update. I renamed it, have nothing else on the SD card, hold down the < key on the right hand side.....nothing. Suggestions on how I can force my Nook to update to bravo_update.dat?
    Since I'm running a Nook that is serial 1010 and had to use the method to gain root access by exploiting the web browser, is there something different I need to do to make my Nook find bravo_update.dat? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Problems with bravo_update.dat

    I'm confused, because it looks like the web browser exploiting instructions don't mention a bravo_update.dat.

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