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    Default Connect 2 nooks together

    I recently was able to acquire a second nook from a friend who bought one but replaced it with a kindle and now that I have 2 I was wondering if it would be at all possible to connect two nooks together (via a USB cable hopefully) so that you could display 2 pages of a book at once. Would anyone know if this is possible at all? I have some experience in programing in java and would just like to know if it is technically possible before I spent a whole bunch of time trying to make it work.

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    Can't be done......... At least not with USB. The Android doesn't natively has USB host capabilities built into it. Think of a USB connection as having a server and a client. The nook can only act like a client. It would need to act like a server to do what you want to do.

    Now, you could always try something that works over the wifi. I'm not sure how well, or how much control you'll have, but it might be more likely to work than the USB.

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