Ok I used to have the old (maybe original) version of Trook. This was shortly after the Nook came out and the 3G model was the only one available. I liked it because it preserved the folder hierarchy, which made it easier for me to organize and browse my books. The downside was that it didn't recognize my SD card.

Fast forward to this year. I discover that Trook has been updated several times. I had wipe my Nook and softroot it to get the new Trook installed, but it worked. Now I could access my SD card too. However, now when I browse my files I just see the tiny generic epub or pdf icons. There used to be titles attached to those, but I don't know what happened to them. Most of my books have been converted through Caliber but not all, and this issue seems to affect all, epub and pdf alike. I can download book covers and have them displayed instead of the generic icons, but this doesn't really fix the issue. As far as I can tell, the metadata in the files seems to be correct. Can anyone help with this issue?