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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahsbloke
    Legal by which countries laws?
    Not all countries have the same laws.
    Which is the reason Nook is not available internationally.

    My country is Thailand and the laws are very different to America.
    For example, publishing anything on a forum that picks fault with the King, the royal family or the Thai government, will have your servers siezed and the site owner in jail.
    But they don't give a stuff about American copyright laws or DRM.
    Since Nook is currently only available in the US and Canada, I think, then US law applies.

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    Default Re: Rule Number One: Keep it Legal

    Jailbreaking iPhones is now legal, rooting your android phone is the same thing

    Quote Originally Posted by mfaine
    Unfortunately DRM has changed things to where just about everything is illegal, beyond using the product as the manufacturer "allows".

    I am a big opponent of DRM in all forms and while I'd never post anything that would bring trouble to myself or others I do want people to understand that it is a cause worth fighting. We need to return the 'fair use' laws back to the consumers.

    DRM and the DMCA have never done anything to prevent anyone from pirating anything - it is simply ineffective against anyone with even a modicum of technical knowledge and an internet connection. However, it does limit our speech in forums such as this, it also prevents us from making worthwhile modifications to devices and content that we paid for legally. The only people who are affected by DRM are people who are the good customers, the law abiding citizens. Those people who have no problem breaking the law will continue to do so and will not be hindered in any way by DRM.

    Sorry, I feel like I hijacked your thread to get on my anti-DRM soapbox. I do apologize. It just seems that so many don't understand that there really isn't' a clear distinction between legal and illegal. "Illegal" can mean anything the manufacture wants it to mean.

    Though it pains me to say it, since I believe in free speech, I'd say when in doubt take the conversation to a PM.


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