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    Default computer settings to download free books

    I think I have determined that it is a setting on my computer that is not allowing me to download books. I have had not problem from Nov-Feb but something ever since is blocking. I am running Win7, Firefox & Avast Antivirus. These have not changed since Nov. I have under firefox gone to options and for privacy allowed cookies for B&N site and it still doesn't work. When I am logged in and go to free books and hit download book the screen flashes and nothing happens; also when I try to click on the down arrow of select list the screen flashes and nothing happens. I spent the last 30 minutes with tech support and they told me to call my internet provider. I thought I would try here before I spend all afternoon on the phone. Thanks

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    Default Re: computer settings to download free books

    It is possible that your ISP for some reason has blocked the download site. Did you get in touch with your ISP like support requested?

    Have you made any changes to your Firewall settings on your PC? A Firewall can also block a site.
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