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    In addition to reading I enjoy audio books as well which was a big part of me choosing the Nook. I got a 16Gig SD card, installed it, and uploaded an audio book. Now though I can't figure out an easy way to manage it. For example it doesn't show up in my library or seem to save the part I stopped at. Any tips or help?

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    I'm not an expert on audio books, but I can offer a couple hints perhaps. First, because it's an audio file, it's not going to show up in your library. You'll need to open the audio player and scroll through there to find it. Second, make sure it's a format the Nook can read. According to the user guide, MP3 and OGG are the only supported audio types. If your file is another audio type, the Nook won't read it.

    If file type is the issue, there are several free programs that can convert your audio into MP3.

    If your audio is MP3 and you can't find it with the audio player, I would suggest you try loading it directly on the Nook and not the card. If that still doesn't work, you might have a corrupt file. Download it again (or run it through a program to redo it) and try again. Good luck!


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