When I do a search now and then select images (Google selection), I get the normal page full of tumbnail pictures. When one of these pictures is selected it used to open an image at the top of the screen with an option to view the full size image or remove the frame and view the web page associated with the image which was being previewed below.
Just in the past two or three days, selecting an image only opens the small touchscreen rectangle at the top of the page. To the left is the top corner of the assiciated web page and to the right is only a partial view of the original thumbnail. nothing on the screen changes when any of the partial images is selected and there is nothing outside of the touchscreen rectangle.
I assume there was either a change to the nook browser or Google changed something and it now doesn't work with the nook browser. The nook color seems to be doing okay with image searches.
I hope someone has a nook 1st edition to check this out on, and perhaps has a fix.