I apologize that this may not be in the correct forum - there does not appear to be a technical support forum for the reading apps.

I've been using my Nook for Mac reading app to test the epubs that I create using Calibre. Now, every time I open any epub file from my hard drive, including those that I did not write, its author list has my name added to it, alongside the name of the actual author. Furthermore, sometimes I test epub files that I've created but haven't added my name as author to, for speed's sake, and the author shows up as Unknown, and is also added to the list of authors of every book I open in the reading app from my hard drive.

So for example, the epub of Moby Dick that I just downloaded from a webpage and opened in my Nook For Mac application lists as its authors Herman Melville, Unknown, and me.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the application a number of times, in hopes of expunging whatever archive file is holding on to my author data, but to no avail.

Does anyone know where Nook for Mac is storing author data on my Mac and how I go about editing or erasing this information, or how I go about preventing Nook for Mac from adding random authors to epub author lists?