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    I just noticed that when I turn a page, the nook first updates the page number. It seems like it waits for that page number to refresh, THEN refreshes the entire screen to display the next page.

    I don't have a Kindle handy to see if it does the same thing... I wonder if this could maybe account for the slighty faster Kindle page turns, it really seems like a waste of time... but then again maybe theres a good reason to do so.

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    That is a possibility. The Kindle doesn't have page numbers, it goes by locations, but the locations do change when you turn the page, so I guess that would be the same as changing the page numbers ...... hmmmm

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    I think it is just a matter of needing some further optimization of the OS and drivers. The Kindle 2 page turning has improved a lot with firmware updates since I got mine on release day. This is especially true of the latest firmware update which(to me at least) seemed to make the page turning much quicker. I'm guessing that B&N will eventually do the same with the Nook.

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    Playing with this some more it seems that they do this to support rapid changing of multiple pages... what I mean is it updates the page number to the next page #, and waits a second to see if you press the next/prev button again in rapid succession. This way you can turn 3 pages ahead quickly, with only one full page eInk update.

    Id rahter it just update to the next page right away, since this is the more common operation.

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