When I first turned mine on (had to try it before it went in Santa's pack) it wouldn't even register with B&N. Apparently the AT&T service doesn't support roaming. People come here all the time with AT&T phones and they work, but we don't truly have AT&T here.

So that left me with my wireless, which was somewhat ok to set up. My wireless WPA key is considerably long and complex, and it took 4 tries to enter it correctly on the touchscreen - at which point it turned out the Nook still didn't connect because I'd clicked on "Add" instead of waiting for it to detect my wireless before starting, so I had to do it 3 more times (2 with typos) after allowing it to detect my wireless and ask for the passphrase.

Anyway back on the topic - I want to be sure I am ready for the update next week, but mine doesn't seem to do that on the wireless. Is there a way to force it to grab the firmware update while you wait?