I just purchased "CISSP Exam Cram" for my nook through B&N.

All fine and dandy, until you get to one of the hundreds of images and diagrams that are embedded in the book.

The text just shifts off the bottom of the page... it doesn't wrap to the next page properly and you lose the ability to read the same amount of text that the image takes up on the page. So if the image is 1/4 the page in height, you lose 1/4 of the page, so whatever text is on that bottom 1/4 doesn't display. When you next page it's just not there. No amount of font sizing or changing affects this problem.

I've notified B&N support just now by e-mail, so hopefully they'll have a remedy. It would really suck if this were a novel and not a tech study guide. Then again I don't read too many illustrated novels

I've confirmed the content is actually there by decrypting and converting it to epub then comparing the two. Although I lose some of the pretty formatting in the original pdb, everything reads just fine.