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    New Nook user here. I ran into some problems with some free books I downloaded from a website and ended up connecting to my PC via the USB cable and deleting them. Since then, the Look Up function for checking a word definition while reading an ebook isn't available. I may have deleted the dictionary that Nook uses for that function. The Look Up option no longer appears. So, question is, what is the dictionary file I need to reinstall and where can I find it?

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    Default Re: Lookup not working

    Welcome to nookboards! Congrats on your new nook!

    The dictionary should still be in your library on the B&N site. On your nook go to "My Library" and then scroll down to "Check for new B&N content." Your nook should sync with the B&N library and it should reload the dictionary onto your nook.

    I hope that helps!


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    Also just to add to what Roxie said if the Samples you downloaded came from BN.com then you would need to follow the steps that follow to ensure they don't come back everytime you "Check for New BN Content".

    1.) Go to a computer and navigate to your BN.com and log into your account.

    2.) Once your logged into your account your going to scroll down to the Digital Management section and select my eBooks Library.

    3.) After you get into the eBook Library area there should be an option on the left side of the screen that says "Samples" click this.

    4.) Once your in the Samples section you should see a list of all the samples you currently have in your library on each entry there is an option for "delete" go ahead and delete any samples you no longer wish to have.

    5.) After your finished with deleting all the samples you no longer wish to have, go to you nook device and select MyLibrary then "Check for New BN Content" this will sync up your device and remove all samples that you deleted from your on-line library.

    But if the samples came from another site then just ignore what I've suggested unless you want to remove samples or free eBooks from your BN library


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    Default Re: Lookup not working

    Thanks for the responses. I got things working again before reading them and will give the details in a moment. It would be really nice to know just which dictionary it is that must be loaded for Look Up to work. The original one appears to be rather lacking in vocabulary and I wonder if I could substitute a purchased dictionary for the one supplied for free, but there's not a clue on that anywhere in the documentation. Roxie - I'm sure the Nook is supposed to resync as you described, but it would not. ShadowTech - there is no "Samples" on any page I see, but I did find the dictionary in my library and downloaded it to my PC. Before this, I made the mistake of calling B&N technical support for the Nook. That fact is, when you have no dictionary on the Nook, the "Look Up" menu item does NOT appear on the Nook when you're reading an eBook. The agent explained to me that if I deleted the dictionary that there was no way to recover. Just before driving to the B&N store return the Nook, I decided to try a couple of other things

    I connected the Nook to my PC and moved the downloaded dictionary to the folder where the eBooks reside. Then rebooted the Nook with no success. I then moved the dictionary to the "My Documents" folder and rebooted the Nook. This time, the "Look Up" appeared on the menu properly when reading an eBook, and after looking up several words with no success, it finally found one, verifying that the look up was working properly.

    This raised another question: The dictionary file name extension is .PDB . Are all dictionaries .PDB files? If so, I could probably purchase a more complete dictionary and replace the current limited one.

    I hope that eventually B&N can build a real tech support department. One of the first things they must do is be able to differentiate between someone who knows nothing about computers, and someone who does. While the Nook has pretty good usability features for average person, those of us with a bit more knowledge know that a good design doesn't require a user to power a device off and on when it locks up (frequently). Anyway, back to the reading.

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