I have been spending a fair amount of time and energy promoting Boomerang these past months. The paperback came out in March 2009 and the ebook (at least a properly formatted version) made its appearance in September. The response, especially to the ebook, has been very nice and the definite highlight has been having Boomerang as NookBoards first book club selection.

The only downside this past year has been the lack of progress I've made on my current book So I have made a pledge to myself to pull away from promoting Boomerang and devote myself to finishing The Baer Boys. I really want to thank everyone here who has picked up a copy already and especially the folks who participated in the book club discussion. I will be looking in here a couple times a week in case anyone has questions or comments about the book.

And if a nook happens into my life (wouldn't that be great!), I'll be popping in for sure to pick up on whatever helpful hints and tips can be found here on NookBoards.

Thanks again, everybody. Happy reading!