Hi Everyone.

We all have shared experiences, which add richness and diversity to our lives. Its about the rough deal life deals out to us at times. I like poetry to have some bite to it, something which both challenges and lifts us out of ourselves. My verses is about being what matters, paying debts, interpersonal relationships, the weather, waiting at train stations always on the move in no time to waste. Remembering and treasuring the beauty and wonder of a priceless friendship. The power of the sea the beauty of a seagull expressed in flight surveying all before it.
So I have forged a link to my e book on my web site. Have a look at it, and if you like what it is that appeals to you and is part of your own shared experiences about life in all its paradoxical richness then take the plunge and go get it. Good poetry should get you totally immersed in the rythmic power of its message tucked away in the verse itself. You can decode in a personal way what that means to you. I have inserted canoe warrior banne resizer.jpg

an image which represents the book jacket but without the print heading and my name as author.

click on the link below to check it out and the cost of my book on line is $1.99

Book available to buy through Smashwords.com

thanks Alex