I feel bad for my other Vibram. I haven't worn the Sprints since last fall, and Vibram have only been pulled out a couple times over the last few month. I thought I had found my perfect Vibram in my Treks. They are a great running shoe, especially during the cold winter months up here in the Northeast, but they too are about to be relegated to being a back-up player. The Bikila's have taken the best from each of the previous models and improved upon them. These shoes were obviously made with the runner in me in mind. The Bikila are truly the runner's Vibram Fivefingers shoes. I am sure you will feel the same.
The obvious thing that sets the Spyridon LS apart from the premiere barefoot running brand’s other models is the outsole design. It uses square-shaped cleats. The nubs generally have a low profile, as you’d expect from a shoe intended to give the same feel as running barefoot, but the cleats are raised in specific areas to provide traction on uphill runs and to help with braking while running downhill. The Spyridon’s upper is thicker than most of Vibram’s previous shoes as well, and combines with speedlock lacing to provide a very snug, supportive fit.
Vibram Fivefingers, the company responsible for Five Finger shoes, is accused in a class-action suit of deceptive claims and possibly increased injuries from its popular toe-fitting, patented-sole footwear.The complaint states, the “health benefits are false and deceptive because FiveFingers are not proven to provide any of the health benefits beyond what conventional running shoes provide.” The suit alleges that “FiveFingers may increase injury risk compared to running in conventional running shoes, and even when compared to barefoot running.”
The Vibram Kso fit their originally intended purpose quite well. They’re comfortable enough to wear around for an entire day, unlike my Bikilas which are a much snugger fit and which I prefer to use only for running. I actually wore the TrekSports for two full days at the parks in Disney World a few weeks pack – not only were they comfortable, but they also attracted only about 2-3 comments the entire time. I think that’s a record for me in terms of the ratio of comments to hours worn in public for a pair of VFFs.