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    Default Three Minutes More -- Wrap Up

    Paul and Roxie,

    I thank you for your participation, and for taking time to learn Mike's remarkable story. I am fully aware of how heavy hearted the book reads. But There are now at least two more people who now know Mike's story.

    To the other 37 who downloaded the book, but elected not to participate: I hope once you read the book, you'll feel compelled enough to recommend it to others. Since I don't have a large advertising budget, I must rely on you, the gentle readers, to help get the word out. I thank each of you in advance for your assistance!

    Unfortunately, justice has escaped many of those culpable:

    Marilee died of stomach cancer 2 years and 39 days from the date indicated at the ending.

    Charlie was never convicted of anything regarding Mike. After he was arrested, charged and jailed for four months for brutally molesting Donnie, he was put in a “halfway” house. James, for his part, has at least ensured that Charlie’s last 30 years or so have been filled with terror. I wrote the last chapter of this book first, to give James more ammunition. He very often visits Charlie, who is in failing health, and reads the chapter to him over and over. Charlie has never denied the accusations made against him, but has never outright confessed. He dares not come forward; I have three people ready to testify of his brutal molestation.

    After completing high school, Joseph joined the navy. I told James what Mike told me Joseph did. James, unable to let it go at the time, beat him to a pulp one Saturday afternoon when he came home on leave, and told him he could expect much of the same each time they met. Joseph left and has never been back. 32 short years have passed since I’ve seen him. With any luck, It’ll be 32 more. Good Riddance!

    Jeff is now my closest brother. Like me, he joined the Marine Corps, got away from home, and rarely goes back. He got his Master’s Degree in Business, and is most creative. He is currently working on an animated series about a group of friends, consisting of a transvestite tapeworm, a Harley-riding dung beetle, a walking, talking corn cob, among others. Though he lives on the opposite side of the country, our families spend a week together each summer.

    Lee is still very troubled. He has spent his entire adult life in and out of mental hospitals, being institutionalized on 2 occasions, each for six months. He lives in a medicated, zombie-like state. Whenever he musters up the courage to rid himself of his meds, he finds himself back in the “system.” He has lived a tortured life. He is currently living back home. So long as he takes his pill cocktail, he is functional. Looks like that’s as good as it is ever gonna get for him.

    James still lives back home. He’s forged a decent life, building bridges, At 48, he had his first biological child, claiming he was ready. Much of the anger he’s felt over Mike has been replaced with joy. His son’s name: Michael Steven O’Dell. God help anyone who wants to harm his child.

    Donnie spent his entire childhood with the same foster family. He is closer to that family than his own, though he can’t resist playing “the childhood card” against The Old Man anytime he wants something from The Old Man.

    Tim was raised by Feenie. She snuck back into town, removed him from school some 4 months following the end of the book, and moved him all over the place. I do not know where they are, nor do I care. The last time I saw her, I was 10 and in mourning. She left a message on my answering machine some 8 years ago. I did not return her call.

    The Old Man still lives back home. I afforded him the luxury of reading the book before I published. Needless to say, I am now disowned. Hey, I never have lived my life needing his approval. I live for my family – wife and three kids. And you can bet they are raised with as much love as I can show them.

    As for me, I manage. I have heard that writing would be cathartic. Perhaps, but I’m certainly no less pissed now than I was in 1976. Loving family and good, mind-stimulating employment have kept me grounded. I made the promise to Mike that his story would be told, and those that treated him so viciously would be put on notice. Consider this book notice!

    To Michael Steven O’Dell: I love you, Big Brother. Find us a good spot; I get the blue ones.



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    Default Re: Three Minutes More -- Wrap Up


    WOW! I guess I'm somewhat speechless... Some of this does not surprise me being around the Justice System for the past 24 years... Glad to see the Military rescued a few... People who have never been in the Military really have no clue as to all the benefits Service to our Country really provides, however, I think you just provided "Best Evidence" that it truely can save lives! I'm happy to know that of those brothers who survived, the majority are doing well, the odds were definately stacked against every one of them. Again, thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life. As for ultimate justice, we just have to maintain our failth that God will ultimately sort it out and reward those most deserving! Thanks again and God Bless you, your surviving brothers, and families!
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    Default Re: Three Minutes More -- Wrap Up


    I will never forget you and your brothers' story. Thank you for the updates. Your dedication to Mike at the end of your post really touched my heart. He was lucky to have you as his brother.

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    Default xzxu the right people by adam rakunas isrup

    Appreciate the info, it’s good to know.

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