Chapters 1-11: Questions for Review

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    Default Chapters 1-11: Questions for Review

    Chapters 1-11 are history and now it's quiz time! Let's see how you do!

    Some preliminary questions about what happened in Dallas:

    1) Who do you think shot President Kennedy? Do you think there was a conspiracy behind it?

    2) Who might have been interested in killing Kennedy? Could there have been foreign involvement?

    3) When President Johnson formed the Warren Commission, do you think he gave them any special instructions? If so, what were they?

    4) Can you name any members of the commission? Some of them were rather well-known, either at the time or later.

    5) What do you think of what the commission did and how they did it?

    6) Did you know about Jack Ruby’s role in that dramatic weekend? Do you believe his claim that he did what he did out of patriotism?

    About the story:

    7) What cities did Joe Jonas and Abby Reno work out of? How would describe their personalities?

    8) What city do Jerry Bremer, Frank Marino, “Eddie” and “Max” work out of?
    9) Why did R.J. Pomeroy agree to talk with Jonas and Reno? Should he have turned that interview down?

    10) What were the first few events that made Jonas and Reno start believing that they were being watched?

    11) Why did Reno focus on E.R.C. when she was researching the story back in Austin?

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    Default Re: Chapters 1-11: Questions for Review

    I DO NOT KNOW!!!!

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    Default Re: Chapters 1-11: Questions for Review

    Jonas is from Charlotte. I think he thinks things through and respects the "chain of command." Reno, from Austin, uses her... saucy-ness as a tool in order to be noticed as a professional, but when you see how shaken up she is when she realizes that she was followed from Austin to Charlotte, you also see a vulnerability.

    I think Pomeroy talked with them because he was just flat out tired of it all. But, no, it probably wasn't a very wise thing to do, especially since Eddie and Max inferred that they had spoken to him about the dangers of talking.

    That's all I have for now!
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    Default Re: Chapters 1-11: Questions for Review

    I have no idea who shot Kennedy...I think, based on the book, there's definitely some conspiracy involved, otherwise people like Eddie and Max wouldn't exist, and people like Pomeroy would be living peaceful lives. In the case of placing judgement on actual parents were 6 and 4 when JFK was killed, so not only do I not have the memory of it, neither do my parents to even get much heresay on it. But I do think this information about the steel companies is very...interesting, intriguing, and suspicious.

    I completely agree with McWarren on the characterization of Jonas and Reno. I think it's also worth mentioning that Reno seems much more naturally interested in the story, whereas Jonas has taken much more time and persuasion to reach the same level of interest.

    I feel like Pomeroy was caught between a rock and a hard place. If he tried to ignore Jonas and Reno, he probably would have drawn more attention to himself by repeatedly putting him off, and may have risked his wife, family, and friends if the reporters showed up at his home. I think he realized the reporters weren't going to go away, and felt the need to take care of the reporters quickly, quietly, and on his own terms (though clearly, not quietly enough).

    Jonas and Reno are obviously spooked by quite a few events: Reno's computer being stolen, Jonas's office being rustled through, Reno being followed through the airport by the red-head, and Jonas receiving that obituary. Also, things that they haven't even noticed yet (such as Jonas's boss leaving suddenly) create a lot of suspicion for the reader.
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    Default Re: Chapters 1-11: Questions for Review

    Nice work, you two. You're answers are right there in line with what I intended. It never occurred to me, though, that Abby's interest in the story is genuine while Joe's is more forced. I learned something here...

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    Default Re: Chapters 1-11: Questions for Review

    Sorry I'm coming late to the party. I just read the whole thing over the weekend.

    1. I have no idea but I think that there is a cover-up.
    2. Lots of people/entities could have been involved both foreign & domestic. This was before my time & I only have what I've seen in documentaries to go by.
    3. Not sure about this one.
    4. Cyril Wecht
    5. I think they did the best that they could given the gravity of the situation.
    6. Yes & No
    7. Abby - TX She seems to be professional. Joe - NC He seems by-the-book.
    8. Pittsburgh
    9. I think that the weight of what he knows has been wearing on him over the years. Since the interview caused his death, it would have been better for him to have not talked to the reporters.
    10. They didn't really notice much at the very beginning that the reader knew about.
    11. Pomeroy got a job there even though he had no experience.

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