I tried to find an objective account of the PT109 incident to post here, but I wasn't happy with what I found. They all seem to **** Kennedy for negligence or praise him for valor. For this story the important thing to know is that there were, and still are, people who share the opinion of our Clyde Gerson.

I have to be honest here -- I can't imagine shouldering all the responsibility (with torpedoes in the water, bullets flying overhead, etc.) that Kennedy and many, many veterans did at the age of 26. I'd like to think I would have been up to the task but none of us can know for sure unless we've done it.

Here's Lieutenant Kennedy at the helm of his boat:

This is the crew:

[img width=600 height=381]http://www.arizonaskiesmeteorites.com/Model_Ships/PT-109-Model/PT-109-crew.jpg[/img]

And here's what a PT boat looked like:

[img width=600 height=406]http://www.hnsa.org/doc/pt/know/img/pgii.jpg[/img]

Incidentally, parts of the wrecked ship were found in 2002. Read about it here in National Geographic: