Chapters 12-21: Questions for Review

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    Default Chapters 12-21: Questions for Review

    1) What are your impressions of the men on the damage control team? There's Braden, Marino, Bremer, and of course 'Eddie' and 'Max'. Are they proud of what they do?

    2) Why do you think nobody else ever focused on the bitter fight between Castle and Kennedy? Or did they?

    3) Who has the better instinct for chasing down this type of story, Abby or Joe?

    4) Which reporter seems closer to snapping under the pressure of being stalked?

    5) Who does Joe tell Abby she looks like at the airport?

    6) What does Abby think Pomeroy's role in the assassination was?

    7) Why would anybody go to such lengths to hide Pomeroy in Pittsburgh?

    8) What do you think Ruby wanted to say, but was afraid to say?

    9) Are there a lot of folks who feel the way Clyde Gerson does about the PT 109 incident? Is Gerson right about a cover up?

    10) How many sailors died in the real PT-109 incident?

    11) What schools did Abby and Joe earn their journalism degrees at?

    12) How did Joe learn so quickly about how to use West Virginia University's Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)?

    13) If you think Abby's research was well-done, what do you think of Lieutenant Kennedy's performance that night on his PT boat? How about over the next few days?

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    Default Re: Chapters 12-21: Questions for Review

    1. They're a bunch of thugs.
    2. If anyone did, they were probably eliminated.
    3. Abby
    4. Joe
    5. Don't recall
    6. He didn't have an active role. He just saw something that he shouldn't have.
    7. See #6. They needed him close to make sure that he didn't talk.
    8. Who he killed Oswald for.
    9. Yes. Potentially.
    10. Not sure
    11. Don't recall
    12. The students
    13. I think that it's hard to look at something from the outside not knowing what exactly happened. They were in the middle of a war, at night, & without being in that same mind-set it's hard to make a concrete decision.

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    Default Re: Chapters 12-21: Questions for Review

    So I'm playing a bit of of catch-up here...

    I agree with most of what ashfern already said, and am just writing where I'd like to add something or if I disagree:
    2. I agree that other people may have focused on the fight between Castle and Kennedy...I just think Abby and Joe have gotten further than anyone else for two reasons: they're smart, and they're lucky.
    4. I think Abby is closer to snapping under the pressure. She was very freaked out at the airport (if I recall, moreso than Joe). Also, she was the one who thought it was important to change their looks with haircuts and dye. I think Joe is very aware of the danger, but I think he is being more calm handling the situation (for example, watching for familiar cars/faces without worrying Abby).
    10. According to the book, 2 people died in the PT-109 incident (someone from Mass., and Castle's nephew).
    11. All I remember is that one of them went to school in TX, at a school that was big in basketball.
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