Ok, I'll make sure to save a copy of this before I post it so I don't lose it this time! Quite a bit happened here. We got to see Paula in action. I really like how Hamilton really can write to pretty much any genre of literature. Sure, the Morton case wasn't the most detailed who-dun-it out there, but it was reasonably complex enough to let us see how Paula worked. I had no idea how she knew Morton did it. Not sure that her single piece of circumstantial evidence would really be enough to get a conviction...but still it was pretty funny!

Of course, now we're seeing why its called "Pandora's Star". Clearly that bubble was up for a reason. Even without the obvious foreshadowing of the title...I thought it was highly suspect that most of them thought it was defensive! Anyone powerful enough to create a barrier that was that powerful could have done more to defend themselves if there was an outside aggressor. If the shield could stop an aggressor that would mean that they were more powerful than the aggressor was. If the aggressor was more powerful, then they'd figure out how to take the shield down eventually anyway.

So are the Guardians right then? Do you all think there is some "Starflyer" alien influencing this? While the events certainly seem to lean in that direction, it still seems like everything is happening rather organically!