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    Default It's just not fair

    I'm a new author to Nook Books, but have had 6 romance novels and 2 novellas published by Zebra Books. Now, they are all Nook Books. One of them ROSEFIRE has twice been nominated for best historical series romance by ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA. Before it was published it was nominated for best unpublished historical romance, and then the next year when it was published it was nominated once again for best historical romance.

    So, here's the unfair part. Someone chose to give me a one star, yet chose not to give their reasons why. There was no review at all, just the one star. Not even so much as an anonomous review. Just the one star. This really hurts my chance of selling this nook book and I really believe this person has a personal grudge against me. It's just not fair.

    I actually thought it had to be some kind of glitch, but when I emailed administration they said, no, that anyone can star a book without any review.

    Is there anyone here willing to read and give an honest review of the book? I really need your help to offset that one star.

    Rosefire takes place in Elizabethan England and is about the secret daughter of Mary, Queen of Scots.

    Sandra Davidson

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    Sandra, I'm sorry to hear about your 1-star rating. It hurts, I know. But because BN allows readers to anonymously rate/review books, and they also allow rating with no review whatsoever, you'll never discover who did it or why. The best thing to do is let it go. Soon, another reader will buy and love your book and leave a fabulous review!

    Good luck!

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