Love is that simple, love ain’t that dimple,
Love is not a chase neither is it steeple,
Love can make a saint out of evil carnival,
Gets you off guard, tears you apart in one twinkle,
Forget the love songs, forget the flowers, leave the gift box,
I just looked into her eyes then fantasy relapse,
Every spruce of her hair is pink lady slipper show,
Walks like a peacock ghost, swift bone to the core,
Some people dance with the devil in pale moonlight,
I want to dance with my angel by right of my might,
You are my rock feather, la dolce vita with no limits,
Let the moonlight rays through the curtains glow,
Make titanic sink wave of emotions flow,
Whisper your fantasies, tone low, tell me more,
Tonight I want to feel you deep to the femur bone,
For finally, I found love, the world must know.

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