Hi All!

I very much hope you'll take a moment to check out the powerful, compelling "Three Minutes More." The book reached the top of the fiction/drama category, and hit #2 in the murder/mayhem category on a competitor's e-reader.

The first 5 chapters of the book can be found here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/11544

Set in mid '70's Appalachia, Three Minutes More is an astonishing story as told by eleven year old Michael Steven.

Michael's already troubled young life has taken a sudden, dramatic turn. Severely injured, he will need a miracle if he is to survive the night.

Reflecting on the evening's horrific events, wondering if could have altered them in any way, his thoughts begin to drift. Before long, he is contemplating his remarkable life, his dysfunctional family, and the possibility that he may have to soon answer for his life to God.

In recalling some of the most amusing, bizarre, distressing and disturbing times of his life, he comes to understand "the monster you know is easier to deal with than the monster you don't."

Will he get the miracle he needs, and make it until morning? If he does make it, will he finally find peace?

His life a seemingly endless paradox, Mike has been hardened in living many unsettling experiences, yet still views the world through the eyes of an innocent eleven year old.

Laugh. Cry. Get Angry. Cheer. Reflect.


Ed O'Dell
Author, Three Minutes More

"This is how you should feel after reading a book. It's perfect, appalling, heart-breaking, disgusting, raw. If I could I would give this author a standing ovation." - The Book Journal.

"I am amazed to find such talent - not raw, but fully developed - in a first novel." - RedAdept Reviews.