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    Default Action-oriented urban fantasy - The Heretic

    Book One of the Templar Chronicles series

    At the end of the First Crusade, the church created a monastic military order known as the Knights Templar. Now, rising up from the ashes of history, they are the Vatican’s last defense in the war between good and evil...

    Cade Williams is no ordinary man. A chance encounter with a powerful supernatural entity left him possessed of certain unique abilities, such as the power to cross between the lands of the living and those of the dead. Now, as commander of the Echo Team, the special operations unit within the Templar hierarchy, Cade has devoted his life to using those “gifts” to protect mankind from supernatural threats and enemies.

    When a group of necromancers known as the Council of Nine begin attacking Templar commanderies, Cade and the men of the Echo Team are called in to deal with the issue. They quickly discover that the necromancers are after the Spear of Destiny, a legendary relic whose powers they hope to twist to their own ungodly ends. The Echo Team cannot allow that to happen, no matter the cost.

    There’s only one problem.

    The necromancers are allied with the same supernatural creature that left Cade for dead five years before and unwittingly gave him his gifts. A creature so powerful that the Templars know it simply as the Adversary.

    In order to keep the Spear of Destiny from falling into the necromancers’ hands, Cade will be forced to face his own personal demons, not only those deep inside his heart, but also the one that left him scarred, body and soul.

    A demon that has already beaten him once before...

    “First-rate, stylish work from Mr. Nassise, with a steady escalation of the story’s speed that makes it almost literally breath-taking.” — Clive Barker

    “With HERETIC, Joseph Nassise kicks off his TEMPLAR CHRONICLES in fine, swaggering style. This book bobs and weaves like the young Muhammed Ali, keeping us off-guard and entertained with its every surprising move.” — Peter Straub

    “A breakneck-paced thriller that delivers on the thrills and tosses in more than a few more chills.” — Kelley Armstrong

    “HERETIC is a genre-bending thrill ride that heralds the debut of a seriesto watch…and enjoy.” — Cemetery Dance Magazine

    “One part military thriller, one part religious horror, and 100% fast-paced action” — The Horror Channel

    “Hellraiser meets Delta Force by way of George Romero.” — The Trades Entertainment Magazine


    Exclusive excerpt of A Scream of Angels, book two in the Templar Chronicles

    Exclusive excerpt of The Fixer, book one in the Lawson Vampire series by Jon F. Merz

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    Default Re: Action-oriented urban fantasy - The Heretic

    From's review of The Templar Chronicles omnibus edition, which includes The Heretic:

    The novels introduce one of the coolest concepts of genre literature in the aughts: In modern day, various headquarters of the Templar Knights come under attack by an unknown enemy, resulting in mass deaths among their men, yet sporting no visible bullet or stab wounds. To investigate, the Knights call upon Cade, aka “The Heretic,” a former Special Ops officer with a Snake Plissken-esque eyepatch and the gift of seeing the memories of anyone he touches.

    For his “Echo Team” unit, Cade recruits a fellow Knight named Duncan, whose touch has the power to heal. Although not exactly pals, the two join forces against the Necromancer, a hooded practicioner of black magick, who summons demonic spectres from a bank of fog and reanimates corpses from Templar graveyards, Romero-style.

    Killer, right? **** straight.

    Cade’s unorthodox methods and bad attitude serve him well as he leads the Templar Knights — that secret military arm of the Vatican — in their quest to quash the supernatural and protect the Spear of Destiny, the holy relic in the Knights’ possession that pierced the side of Christ during His crucifixion. Part of this mission involves a journey or two into another dimension known as the Beyond; you get there by jumping through household mirrors.

    As if you couldn’t tell, Nassise’s work is full of imagination, combining elements from THE X-FILES, CONSTANTINE and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, with a side order of sword ‘n’ sorcery. Although the cliché has it that too many cooks spoil the kitchen, each new layer of genre goodness slapped on to the narrative only serves to make the story more delicious. From fast-paced action and extreme horror to discussions of military-grade weaponry and theories of the theological, these CHRONICLES do them all well without losing focus.
    You can check out the whole review at

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