I'm an author and psychologist who has appeared on national broadcasts including The Larry King Show and CourtTV. Incidentally, Larry was on his successor's show last night and gave an interesting interview which included his opinion on current talk shows and his past interview of Libya's Quadaffi. He's also a very nice guy (Larry, that is).

I'm the author of two nonfiction books and three novels which are at B&N: Shopping For A Shrink:Finding The Right Psychotherapist For You Or Your Child; Troubled Children/Troubled Parents: The Way Out, 2nd Edition; Lies In Progress; Park West: A Novel Of Love And Murder And Redemption; Ghosts And Angels: A Memoir/How, During An Epoch of Terror, Goodness Vanquished Evil And Restored Faith.[/i]

There are also many Blog items on topics ranging from "My Life As A Secret Agent" to explaining why, psychologically, the novel Dracula has retained its popularity, to an article explaining "Stage Fright."

The site is: http://www.drstanleygoldstein.com

Check it out.

Incidentally, I love my Color Nook

Stanley Goldstein