Hello Everybody
I am new to Nook and wanted to briefly share my joy over crafting my poetry e books. It has been tough assembling the themes on all levels. I have based my material for my e books on social issues we all share in common as experiences. Stuff like war and its lethal life shattering effect on us, death and our fears as to what that means to each of us individually, debt which can destroy our health and spirit, cruelty to children, and to vulnerable adults, and economic starvation and despair. I believe that unless people relate in some way to what you are getting across as a message then you have lost them for all time.
To try and make a difference you have to be sincere in getting your points across as to what you believe in. I think to do it without being facetious or phony matters, coz people will pick up on you if you deceive, then you are cold shouldered. Before I go any deeper relating to my own style of writing I would love to hear from anybody reading my post so that I can progress further with my thread.