Death Sting
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Genre Poetry


I cover mainy different themes connected to death. It can come in many different forms at any time, is no respector of social background, religious views, or wealth. My poems reflect the broad nature of how death impacts on us all. The strong emotion it elicits, and its effect on our families, personal relationships, and expectations. Death in war, suicide, dying of a serious illness dying of poverty, are some of the other important subjects covered here.
I hope you find some comfort and reassurance by reading my book of verse. I have included a web url link to but you will be taken to my profile page, and though the link is to another e book, I have on that publishers web site you will get through direct to the book in question. Just scroll down and you will find it. Any problem with the link - just type in smashwords into the search engine and you will find me Alexander Tennant there. Let me know what you think of my verse.
Other books of mine are available on that site too. Current price is £2.99 though I have discounted it currently at 10% special offer.

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