New Novella: Dream Tangle, 99 Cents

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    Default New Novella: Dream Tangle, 99 Cents

    Dream Tangle

    Here's the blurb:

    In a future where dreams are recorded as holograms and marketed like Hollywood movies, a deadly secret is exposed and reluctant celebrity Angela Pavane must pursue hallucinogenic clues to save lives (including her own) from a mysterious, lethal poison. The intensity rises when she steals the central "dreamcorder" technology that her pursuers will kill to recover. Inspector Ray Lake and three of Angela's friends find themselves in choppers, deserts, jungles, caves and city skies, seeking an antidote to the poison while evading a CEO/scientist and his murderous thugs.

    "Dreams were once a place impenetrable to the camera eye. For a time, they were the last remnant of privacy, a dark corner reserved for our battered souls to hide. Into a world already infested with networked cameras, microphones, data tags and motion sensors, the once mysterious and sacred realm of the subconscious now lay exposed and bleeding, sacrificed on the altar of technology. "
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