Hello Again

Character Sketch - setting the scene

I return to paint another sketch of a tormented man trapped in the outer badlands of London. This diminshed shrunken human being once in the 2010's AD was top of his game, a successful savvy astute lawyer. He came from the top drawer of US society, attended at one of the top private schools, much money lavished on his education, but no love. Our friend known in 2035 as Magic Hands COZ he has the magic touch, know what I mean. Anyway this magic human is special, oh he is, and yeah he rockets into Harvard Uni - alright he's up there with the best of them. Ehmnn he falls for a beautiful fabulous talented lady also attending the said Harvard outfit. From an awfully good solid family from New Hampshire, rather old bean, heh heh.
They elope my dears and have 12 gorgeous children, 10 daughters and 2 sons. Oh their life is picture card perrrfect!!! Oh and before I forget, he lands a plumb job in an international law firm based in New York with classy offices in London. Ehmm lovely, yummy jobby wobby - so much money and power ha ha. Naughty Magic meets Fi Fi an absolute darling who is one of his clients who befriends him when he is London dears in the early 2030's. Our hero then gets drawn into Madame Fi Fi's spiders web of intrigue as he arranges as a commercial lawyer for her to siphon off a very large sum of money into a tax haven hence denying the IRS in the US their right to a cut of her pole dancing business empire. Then oh wonder of wonders Magic comes to the attention of his professional body. Magic gets hung out to dry, our baby looses his practitioner licence.
Oh my God what a calamity.
Then he gets caught up in the civil unrest in England. This dude ends up in an outer suburb of London which is a swamp of destitution, crime, murder and sex. Umhh Glorious! Its well steamy and so hot. Magic takes to this lifestyle, becomes smothered in corruption. He is informed by email that he has
lost his job and is on his own. The law firm can go to blazes. The long and short of it is that he somehow manages to worm his way into the Lavender Gang who use him as an unpaid advisor. Then he double crosses the gang leader Slasher, who finds out and wants revenge. A rival gang knows how to get their hands on a food stash, this is seriously bad news as Magic will be punished. His family can't help him as they have returned to New York on the advice of the State Department - due to the dire situation in London over the breakdown over law and order.
Below is an extract of Magic man in melt down

Melt down Baby

"Tee hee tee hee, I am here, ha ha doo didya do, I love to spin on my heels, whee oh I looooove doing the spinning babe. Going faster and supersooonic whooosh, oh haa ha ha, ohhh I am tingling all over." Magic the main maaaaaan is in his cubby whole office. No electric or heating, his office consists of filthy damp ridden walls where black mould is growing. His lap top is smashed to pieces on the ground. The floor is scaberous and rank with decay. The doors are off their hinges, and the panes in the widows dudes are toast ya know whata mean, with the mean machine - which has ta be seen. Magic is the picture of decay, unkempt malodorous - his clothes caked in excrement. All he does is just spin his body round and round, oh cosmic, oh how becoming of a true genius - ehmmn he's zoning in harmony with the beat of his heart. "Now I must just bash my head against the walls, oh must, arggh ha ha, let me then kiss the walls and make them cry." Magic then charges at the walls, oh yeesss, cabamm cabooom - his head bangs inta the goddddamm wallsy baby. Oh do it, head vibrattting ha ha huh eyah ya, eh - now in true reverence Magic kisses the walls, "ohm I am in love." Breathing heavilly swaying purging himself, there is no one to witness his ritualised acts of true devotion and spontaneous displays of love he has for his walls, oh bliss bliss may it never end.

Be soothed by joy and bliss

I remain your most affectionate servant