Two Little Angels: When A Child Drowns-What Really Happens PLUS Two excerpts from Emergency Laughter by Mike Cyra

As I watch the Casey Anthony trial I’m reminded that I know exactly what a parent, or anyone for that matter, will do, when they find the lifeless body of a child floating in a pool. They call 911. That is, unless there’s foul play involved.
This is a short (2000 word), true story of the drowning of not one, but two small girls in an above ground pool. It shows the heartbreaking reaction and action taken by a Mother. It’s also an inside look at what Emergency Medical Services personnel see, feel and deal with on a call that is everyone’s worst nightmare.
Two Little Angels is told through the eyes of Author Mike Cyra, a former EMT who responded to this tragedy.
This story shows what actually happens when children drown. It also shows how Casey Anthony should have reacted and the actions she should have taken if the Defense scenario of an accidental drowning is based on reality.

Since I don’t like to leave anything on a sad note, and you’re paying hard earned money for this, albeit only .99 cents, I’ve added two bonus stories- Delivering Babies: My First Woman In Labor, which is an excerpt from my current book, Emergency laughter: It Wasn’t Funny When It Happened, But It Is Now.
And Tales From The Psych Ward: an excerpt from my soon to be released book: More Emergency Laughter.