I'm reaching out because we publish our magazines mainly on Barnes & Noble Nook, and I figured you might be interested in another service we are just now launching. I am opening our magazines to advertising.

FictionMagazines.com is the only company that has a magazine in each major genre. That means we're able to direct advertisements directly to the people who are most likely to act upon them and purchase your work.

Our prices are less expensive per thousand readers than our main competitor, Penny Publications, which is the company behind Aasimov's and Ellery Queen. While we don't have quite as many subscribers, we offer a competitive price and more direct targeting.

A huge reason most authors don't advertise, besides the perception that it is unnecessary, is that they do not feel confident in doing the graphics work necessary to be able to produce a great looking advertisement that would create sales.

To eliminate that concern, we're implementing an option for you to have us do the design work for you. For a bit more, we'll work with you on the design of your advertisement. Satisfaction of ad design guaranteed or your money back. Ads created by FictionMagazines.com will be yours to keep and re-use wherever and however you'd like.

To help launch this new advertising platform, I'm offering you a one time discount of 50% off all advertising. Use the coupon code NOOKAD at checkout to receive the discount. This offer is only valid until May 24th, so secure your ads before the deadline.

I really believe that this advertising could do great things for your writing career. Please take a look at this advertising option, and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Click here to purchase advertising or to learn more: http://www.fictionmagazines.com/advertising/

All the best,