Gay Contemporary Anthology
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Blood Oath

Kale travels to Savannah to find his destiny. Instead, he's attacked by rogue vampires and saved by the most beautiful man he's ever laid eyes on. Questions about who killed his parents years ago are answered, but more arise about his future. Action/Adventure/ in sultry Savannah.

Hot and Sticky
An attorney must call in his paralegal at the midnight hour to locate an important file. Both men finally surrender to the passion and lust they've stifled for months. An office romance that will leave you breathless.

Valentine's Vindication

Deke attends Val's party with the intent of winning him back after their breakup. Deke knows he'll never find another Dom like Val. Now he must convince the man he's sorry for hurting him.

Lip Service
Navarre sets out to surprise Bryan when he arrives at his hotel room. Instead, he finds another man in the room! Who is the stranger, and what does Navarre do now?

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