I've recently published book two in "The Void Chronicles", and wanted to introduce you to Julianna and Tristan. =) These books are explicit erotica, and intended for mature audiences only. Both books are FULL novels, at approximately 80,000 and 88,000 words respectively. Thank you for your time, and if you read my books, I would appreciate a review on Barnes & Noble and/or Goodreads. Thank you! =)

-Holly Blackstone

Book 1: A World Away (

A strange land.
A glowing sword.
And an ancient dragon bent on the destruction of the world.

Julianna Foss is abruptly thrust into circumstances she has little hope of understanding. On one side of a great conflict stand the Templars, an ancient warrior order dedicated to protecting the world and on the other side are the Void dragons and their allies the necromancers, who are intent on plunging civilisation into chaos. She alone may hold salvation in her hands in the form of a sword that seems to have an affinity for her. Thrust into a foreign culture where highborn women are objectified, magic is a fact of life and things she never thought possible are reality, every day is a struggle.

Tristan Roarke is the gatekeeper. Leader of the Templars he sees something in Julianna and offers a way for her to make a difference, but can she trust him? Deadly with a weapon yet handsome and sensual, he is a risk to Julianna in more ways than one – not content for her to just join their side in the fight against the Void, Tristan is making a play for her affections. Can she make it through Templar training with her head – and her heart – intact?

Book 2: Rise of the Necromancers (in final review by B&N)

Pain. Blood. Sex. The Templars have secrets too.

Slightly shaken after Initiation, Julianna resolves to reaffirm her dedication to the cause by throwing herself into her studies. She doesn’t have time to adjust to the physical changes, or the burgeoning attachment she and Tristan now seem to share, before her Legion is called to investigate an attack on the settlement of Hayden’s Gate. Void Disciples are becoming more bold, and the death and destruction at the town are just a taste of things soon to come.

Is it possible the trap laid for the Templars at Hayden’s Gate will ensnare the mighty Tristan, and will Julianna find to her shock that even servants of the Void sometimes deserve mercy?