Hi and welcome to the last book in the Prophecy of the Kings trilogy, Shadow of the Demon. My books won a Gold Award in 2010 -http://readersfavorite.com/cat-71.htm?review=3451 I hope you enjoy...

Events are coming to a head. The battle for CarCamel has ended and Kaplyn is seen as the people's saviour. Catriona, the Thracian Queen, demands that he leads the army in its fight against Trosgarth, with a dragon at his command. However, Kaplyn has other ideas. Dragons terrify him, but he cannot fathom why; after all a dragon helped them to defeat demons in the recent conflict.

It is a conundrum, but it is not his immediate concern for Astalus, the Thracian court wizard, through the use of magic, reveals an image of Vastra, now an old man, held captive in Aldrace. Kaplyn's fears are realised, for if the enemy have Vastra then they must also have the second crystal from the Tree of Life. A permanent gateway to the demon world is now a reality. Kaplyn's priority must be to recover the crystal at all costs. Abandoning the army he sets of in pursuit of Vastra, not realising the terrible consequences of his actions for the full horror of his links to Shastlan's shade are about to be revealed.

Meanwhile, Prince Fiad persuades the allies to march with the knowledge that Astalus can summon dragons. But Astalus has changed and darkness follows him. As the allies draw closer to Trosgarth, the full impact of Fiad's persuasiveness will cost him and the allies dearly as dragons and demons clash in the final conflict.